How to play golf
Oh my English! | 2007.11.13 17:30

If you want to win a golf tournament, then you have to hit the ball into the holes in the fewest possible number of strokes. Each tournament is divided into 9 out courses and 9 in courses.
The playing field in golf is the "golf course." The standard golf course is divided into 18 separate fields of play known as "holes."
Now, let’s see how we play the game.
Each course is made so that there are obstacles for the players.
There are sand traps called bunkers, and once the ball lands on one of these bunkers, it’ll be hard for the player to hit it back out.
Fairways are the paths between the teeing grounds to the putting green.
The putting green area looks like a big mat.
The area outside the fairway and the green are called the rough.
You start playing by hitting your ball with a club from a "teeing ground." You complete play on each of the 18 holes by hitting your ball into the hole in the ground.
You'll also need some little wooden pegs called tees, which raise the ball up off the ground, making it much easier to hit.

The ball usually lands on the fairway, in which case you need to hit the ball again.
Unless the course is long, the ball should be on the putting green after a few strokes. Then you should aim to put the ball into the hole. "If you have completed it in four strokes, then it’s usually a par but if you made it with one less stroke then it’s a birdie. If it was two less, then it’s an eagle. However, if you made it with one more stroke, then it’s a bogey."


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